Do you know what sports car is top in the world? According to US News & World Report, the number one sports car is the Mazda Miata MX-5 RF. This coupe isn’t one of the most boastful about horsepower, but that hardly matters due to its size and relative power. In addition, the all new design has upgraded power, allowing for 181 horsepower. However, that’s up from 150 horsepower in 2018. The Miata has had several design changes overall, including a sleeker exterior and more nimble handling.

It was clear that the Miata needed an upgrade. In 2019, the Miata finally got the much needed revamp, which allowed for new head lamps, aerodynamic styling, new grille, and more power in the engine. While not everything is different about Miata, it’s great to see this car improving its design. The Miata RF is also ranked number one in convertibles as well.

Have you driven a Miata MX-5 RF? If not, you should feel the performance under your foot during a test drive. You can schedule a test drive at Napleton's Arlington Mazda if you’re interested in the latest Miata.



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