When you put your key in the ignition and fail to get the expected response, you might assume that your battery has gone dead. Although this may be the issue, there's also a good chance that your starter is on the fritz. At Napleton's Arlington Mazda, we strive to help Arlington Heights, IL motorists avoid unnecessary replacements and repairs by making it easier to distinguish ignition troubles from problems with other electrical components. Fortunately, there are several easy-to-recognize signs that your starter is on its way out.

Freewheeling and grinding sounds: Getting a whining sound when you crank the engine often means that the starter gear is unable to engage with the flywheel. In this case, continued efforts to start the car could result in the need for a full-on starter replacement. Thus, it's far more cost-effective to have your vehicle serviced right away. Much like whining or freewheeling, grinding sounds also indicate starter troubles. Grinding is the very same noise that you hear when turning the key after the engine has already been started. Having grinding sounds inspected and addressed early on will prevent major flywheel damage.

Oil saturation and smoke: If your starter has shorted, you might see small curls of smoke or notice a slight burning odor. This means that excess power is being pulled through the starter's electrical supply. Because your starter is likely located at the base of the engine, it's also susceptible to oil soaking or saturation from other drivetrain fluids. If you notice any evidence of starter troubles, bring your vehicle to our Mazda service department right away for professional service.


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