We here at Napleton's Arlington Mazda want you to be a well-informed vehicle owner, so today we'll be discussing how to be properly prepared for winter driving with a DIY emergency kit.

Having an emergency kit in your car will ensure that you are prepared for whatever may strike while you're out on the road. Listed below are the items that are best to keep in your emergency road kit:
• Phone charger for your car
• First Aid kit
• Jumper cables
• A multipurpose utility tool
• Foam tire sealant
• Drinking water & non-perishable snacks
• Duct tape
• A rain poncho
• A tire pressure gauge
• Flashlight & spare batteries
• Portable electric tire pump
• Tow straps or rope
• Rags
• Reflective triangles or roadside flares
• A fire extinguisher

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